Sunday, November 8, 2009

Optical Illusions

This morning I was relaxing in bed just thinking. I noticed something on my dresser that looked like a white paper plate. I wondered how it got there and why it was there. I couldn't figure it out.

On closer inspection, I could see that what I thought was the paper plate was actually the inside lid of my greeting card box I'd left there the day before.

After that, no matter how I looked at it, I could no longer see the paper plate. Yet, before I knew what it was, I was convinced that it was a paper plate and no matter how I looked at it, I couldn't see anything else.

I began to think about the relationship this can have to life, and I wondered, "How often are we sure that something is exactly what we think it is, but when we open our eyes to truly see, we discover that what we once thought really isn't?"

The Holy Ghost can help us see things the way they reallly are if we ask for his help.

And truth, once learned, makes it nearly impossible for us to see things the incorrect way we did before.