Friday, June 18, 2010


Nobody wants to have weeds in their garden. Weeds are ugly, and if not taken care of and removed, they can overtake the beautiful flowers and other plants.

So what’s the best way to get rid of them?

My mom used to go out early every morning while the soil was still damp. The weeds barely even had a chance to poke their heads up before they were plucked from the ground and thrown away. It only took her a few minutes each day.

The other day I went outside to pull the weeds from the flower bed along our driveway. Some of the weeds were more than two feet tall. The tiny ones were easy to pull up, and if I pulled near the base, the entire root came too. I tried pulling some of the bigger weeds, but the roots were so tangled and deep that the tops of the weeds just broke off and the root stayed firm. I had to get out the shovel and loosen the soil around the root before I could pull it out. It took a lot more work and a lot more time.

When weeds are allowed to grow, they produce seeds that spread throughout the garden and more and more weeds grow.

It would be so much easier if I followed my mom’s example and went out there every morning to clear the weeds. It would look better too.

The thought came to me that weeds are like sins. They tend to creep up every day in our lives. If we get rid of them while they are still tiny, we can enjoy the beautiful garden – or in other words – we can more easily see and enjoy the beauty of life.

Just like with weeds, it is easy to repent of sins while they are small. When we let those sins take root in our lives, it takes a lot more work to get rid of them, and like with weeds, the sins seem to spread as they grow.

I don’t think any of us really want a life filled with sin anymore than we want a garden filled with weeds.

Now is the time to clear those nasty ugly weeds out of our gardens and make room for the beautiful flowers.